Open Enrollment

November 15, 2014, marks the next open enrollment for health benefits. Human Resource departments and organizations will be extremely busy at that time.

Prior to the season of open enrollment, it is a great time to plan so employees can be well informed and satisfied with the coverage they receive.

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1. With so many open enrollment healthcare options available, make sure you understand what they are. Be certain employees understand the differences between EPOs, PPOs and HMOs.

A good organization will explain the differences between the policies, so everyone can make a well informed choice.

2. Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of private exchanges as they are on the rise.

3. Inform employees by creating an online presence. Today, it’s not enough just to hand out employee handbooks, which most people never look at or end up losing. Utilize the Internet, HR platforms and internal websites to provide open enrollment information to employees.

4. Be aware of what the state requirements are regarding open enrollment as each state is different. Some states require employees to contribute to their health coverage.

5. Be sure to get the information about open enrollment into the employees hands by setting up meetings personally to provide the information and answer any questions.

Schedule a meeting regarding open enrollment, spice things up with some free lunch, that will surely get employees on board so they can get information needed regarding benefit plans.

6. Employers are required to bring new employees up to speed regarding open enrollment healthcare benefits and all their different options. This should include tax credits and how to use the public health exchange.

7. Be diligent in keeping employees up to date regarding open enrollment healthcare plans. Human Resource departments may think employees are up to speed about being able to change healthcare plans during open enrollment, however, studies have shown, most are not.

Open enrollment If the Human resource department is adequately prepared, open enrollment does not have to be a stressful time. With just a little preparation, employees can take full advantage of the open enrollment time. For more information regarding open enrollment healthcare, call today at (855) 938-8877.

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