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Sign up for Health Insurance Under Obamacare Marketplace

Find your state’s health insurance Obamacare Marketplace, simply sign up and enroll during open enrollment.

Below is some information in case you missed the Obamacare Marketplace open enrollment along with enrollment periods, fee details and exemptions.

Obamacare Marketplace Open Enrollment

The health insurance open enrollment Obamacare Marketplace began November 15th 2014 and came to an end February 15th 2015. This is the time frame that anyone can get minimum essential health insurance coverage. Options for coverage outside of open enrollment require qualifying for CHIP, Medicaid or a special enrollment time frame. You should consider your short term health care insurance options if you do not have access to any of those mentioned above.

Are you covered? One in six Americans obtained a healthcare plan for one-hundred dollars or less.

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Each plan has a different enrollment period, so you need to enroll during that time frame regardless of how you shop for health insurance. Even outside the marketplace, health plans for families and individuals ended February 15th of each year.

Be certain to change plans, and/or enroll and verify information by the end of the open enrollment even if you missed the deadline for coverage by January 1st. Avoid the fee per month for not having health insurance coverage By meeting the deadline of February 15th of each year.

Should You Use Obamacare Marketplace?

You have many options for signing up for healthcare insurance for 2015 such as private options that are outside the marketplace. It is however recommended you try the Obamacare Marketplace first. That way you can get out of pocket costs and cost assistance on premiums.

Once you obtained the options from the Obamacare Marketplace, start to compare them with health insurance quotes outside the marketplace to better understand your options.

Remember, even a health insurance agent not involved in the marketplace can help you with enrollment in a plan inside the marketplace. The key to finding the right health pan is comparison shopping. There is no commitment to any health plan until you actually enroll. Need further assistance? Call today at (844) 325-8887.

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