Obama care Insurance

Also known as the Affordable Health Care Act, Obama Care Insurance has created a ton of Controversy since its announcement. Essentially it’s stated that the health care act was designed to put the control of health care back into the hands of the consumers. Some of the more positive aspects are that it takes away the power of insurance agencies to simply pull health plans out from under the feet of those in need. In the past an agency could simply cancel a plan due to pre-existing conditions and in some cases new conditions that arise. The health care act negates this ability and makes it much safer for the general public in regards to their insurance.

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On the other hand many argue against Obama Care Insurance on grounds of its forced requirements among other things. With the new Affordable Health Care Act United States citizens are now required to hold medical insurance, this is something that many Americans are not happy with and speak out against on a regular basis. This among other factors have led to a split in the American people as to whether or not the health care act is viable or unrealistic in today’s struggling economy.

From a un-biased point of view the Health Care Act can be argued for in either direction depending on your point of view. For instance Obama Care will allow the insurance of tens of millions or people in the United States who previously couldn’t afford health care; however the cost will come in the form of new taxes and levies to the American people, many of whom feel that they are already over taxed as is.

One of the serious problems with Obama Cares law is the implementation of fines and severe penalties for not having insurance. These penalties can come in the form of heavy financial penalties and even jail time. The question is where to draw the line in a country that is already struggling with jobs and a failing economy.

With the use of the Obama Care Insurance Law, there will surely be millions of Americans insured and taken care of. And the argument can be swayed in any way, should all Americans be responsible for every other American? Or should each American be responsible for their insurance? Whatever you believe it’s a serious topic that demands immediate attention and resolution to help bring together a dived country on the brink of civil unrest. Where do you stand on the Obama Care Insurance Plan?

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